What We Do

Research – Good programs and policies are based on good data and research. An important aspect of our work is to identify the needs of mothers who are trafficked  or in sex work and their children in communities so appropriate local solutions can be implemented. Our ultimate goal is to identify effective programs that prevent mothers from ever being trafficked and to promote the  health and human rights of mothers who are sex workers and their children.

Service – Through our research, we help local organizations to identify appropriate services for these mothers and their children in their communities and to build the capacity to provide services. Depending on the community these services may include day care centers for the children and income generating projects for the mothers. For example, based on our research in India, one of our partner organizations has helped 175 mothers with 525 children find alternative sources of income. In the future we plan to provide health care and trainings to local staff on the health problems of these mothers and children.

In Portland, Oregon, we have operated Our Mother’s House since 2007. This program is specifically for women who have been trafficked or who are in sex work and are pregnant or who are mothers and their children. We help the women secure prenatal care, health services for their children, as well as food and clothing. One of our objectives is to help start similar programs in other cities. After meeting with a partner in Kampala, Uganda, in 2015 they have started a support group for mothers in sex work.

Advocacy – We work to increase awareness about the impact trafficking and sex work have on mothers and their children and to influence programs and policies at the local, national and global level.