Behind the name

This is a GLOBAL issue: an unknown number of mothers are trafficked worldwide and some of their children will be sexually exploited. In addition, there are millions of sex workers who become pregnant but do not have access to high quality antenatal care, and there are millions of sex workers who are mothers but have difficultly accessing health services for themselves and for their children. Many of these mothers and children also suffer from stigma and discrimination that compromise their access to safe housing and education.

It is also a HEALTH issue: Many of these mothers and their children will be infected with HIV and other infectious diseases as well as suffer from malnutrition, chronic diseases, and brutal physical and sexual abuse. In addition, many mothers and children will experience mental and emotional health problems.  These conditions result in much suffering and too often, death.

Most importantly, we made a PROMISE to help these mothers and their children. A group of sex workers  in Kathmandu, Nepal, described how many of their children died as a result of living in this situation and then asked us to promise to help their children. We are committed to keeping that promise.